Nambitha gets YOU Spec ready!

By Shanaaz Prince
15 July 2016

Actress Nambitha Ben-Mazwi has recruited beauty guru, Francois Louw to help get her YOU Spectacular ready

Getting event-ready can be tough and nerve-wrecking! But luckily for Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, this was made much easier with a friend like Francois Louw!

The local beauty, who's nominated in the Favourite Actress category at the awards, which are set to take place at Emperor's Palace this Saturday, 16 July, gave us a taste of how she's getting ready for the big event.

So she and her pal Fashion Guru SA judge Francois, with his passion for the beauty industry and how it can help people enhance their image and confidence, are a beauty match made in heaven!

"Our day was super fun. Being pampered while you are working is only a blessing!” says Francois.

When asked what he enjoyed the most about his day out with Nambitha, he responded, “Her open and friendly personality allows for anyone to connect with her on an intimate or professional manner. She is also very straight forward which I find extremely refreshing!"

We had a chat with him about how others can prepare to get themselves ready for the night.


What do you recommend before an awards event?

Always just follow your normal skincare routine. Never try something new a week before an event you are attending or even go for a facial 2 days before. This can cause a breakout or bruising.

Why this treatment/what does it do for the skin?

If you want your skin and hair to look amazing, go for a Reviv Royal Flush IV treatment. It will restore hydration, replenishes essential vitamins and minerals, boosts the immune system, decreases inflammation, boosts energy and cleanses your vital organs. What would also be amazing is to do a light Chemical Peel 1 week before your event.


Nambitha enjoys a revitilising treatment from Dr Reza Mia. PHOTO: Supplied Francois (above) and Nambitha enjoy revitalising treatments from Dr Reza Mia. PHOTOS: Supplied

Where would you recommend having this treatment done?

I always recommend DR Reza Mia in Killarney, Johannesburg. He is an expert in this field.

Sexiest Woman nominee, Shashi Naidoo also bears testament to that and went see the good doctor ahead of this weekend's event.


Which colours are hot this season?

All your dark colours, like Black, Dark Purple's, Bloody Red's and your metal colours.

Where would you recommend the best mani in JHB?

I enjoy going to Sherbet Angel in Parkhurst. It is private and very Luxurious.

Why is nail care important?

We as people communicate with hands also to show expression and passion. Your hands say a lot of your personality and personal hygiene. Always make sure your hands are "meeting ready".

Why did you pick this specific colour for Nambitha?

We did not wanted to over-power the dress with the choice of nail colour, but just to compliment it.


Which looks are “in” this season?

When it comes to Red Carpet events, there is no 'in-look'. The only advice I can give is less is more. Never look as if you tried too hard to steal the show.

Why is this look perfect for Nambitha?

With Nambitha it is important that we need to complement her body shame. She is also not very tall, so a dress that gives the illusion that she is a bit taller will be perfect. It also is very complimentary for her skin tone.

Which designer have you gone for?

This time I decided to use Pallu in Rosebank. They have a marvellous selection for any occasion.



Variety is the spice of life and it's clear the same goes in the fashion department for Nambitha too. PHOTO: Supplied Variety is the spice of life and it's clear the same goes in the fashion department for Nambitha too. PHOTOS: Supplied


Now that you know her overall look, which items would you pair with Nambitha’s Look?

I believe that the Jewellery should not over-power the look as the dress is quite dramatic. However, with her personality we may decide to go for something a bit more dramatic and African Chic.

  1. MAKE-UP


It is important for her to look read carpet ready you must have your make-up done by a professional. I hooked her up with the HaLouw Make-up academy

The young actress didn't leave us hanging though, she gave us a sneak peak into what she'll be wearing on Saturday.




To see the rest and the other amazing looks from this year's YOU Spectacular, watch this space!

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