Nando's takes a cheeky swipe at Generations producer

By Kirstin Buick
19 August 2014

Always quick on the draw, fast food chain Nando's has made light of the Generations cast saga with their latest ad.

"Leave the firing to us," the Portuguese chicken restaurant quips on a newly released poster , addressed to Mfundi - which could only refer to soapie's executive producer Mfundi Vundla.

Yesterday, SABC and the production company behind SA's most-watched soapie fired 16 striking cast members.

The Generations Actors Guild and the SABC have been at loggerheads for almost a year over contract issues and wage disputes. After refusing an ultimatum from the SABC and MMSV Productions to return to set, all of the actors were sacked.

Well, leave it to Nando's to find the humour in a controversial issue. We wonder if Mfundi's laughing?

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