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12 September 2013

Our royal blogger writes about the nanny who may look after Prince George and why Catherine may not be a fan of Harry’s girlfriend.

After a month of silence, things are finally starting to emerge from behind the palace walls. No one knows if Prince George even has much hair on his crown yet, but we now know he smiled at Harry for the first time on Wednesday night.

British newspapers reported that Harry said during a public appearance in London that he had just visited the little one, who is usually sleeping or crying when his uncle sees him, but he had smiled for the first time.

This has led to speculation that William is currently with Catherine and George at Kensington Palace in London, and that they will soon move into their new house there. After extensive renovations the scaffolding in front of the Palace has finally been removed, which means the Cambridges will soon be exchanging their cosy little place in the Palace complex for unit 1A.

Nanny Jessica for George?

Nanny Jessica Webb with Diana and the boys in 1991. Now William wants her to come out of retirement and look after his son. Credit: Inpra

What we also know is that Catherine finally has someone to help her with the baby. With her and William already having to attend another public do tonight, she can’t be relying on Granny Middleton all the time. Jessica Webb (71), who used to be William and Harry’s nanny, has come out of retirement and was seen with Catherine at a McDonald’s earlier this week. Back in the day, Diana eventually worked Jessica out of palace life after a falling out but William invited her to his 21st birthday and his wedding.

Jessica, who is considered a trusted person in royal circles, is believed to have been the one who tried to shield Harry and William from the problems between Diana and Charles. Now William is trusting her with his firstborn.

With the Cambridges now making London their permanent residence, the possibility of more paparazzi pictures is great. Any picture of Catherine walking in the park around the palace, possibly with a baby carriage or their dog Lupo, or just popping into a Kensington High Street shop, will be a feast for the paparazzi. Their privacy will be very limited compared to Anglesey, the island off the coast of Wales where William was based.

William has already been angered by a few stolen pictures of his wife shopping in Anglesey a few weeks ago. Everyone is now waiting to see what his reaction will be to the pictures of Catherine sitting outside McDonald’s, since the pictures were obviously taken on the sly. William is adamant that he and Catherine may be photographed to heart’s content when they are making a public appearance, but during “private times” they would like to be able to move around just like any normal husband and wife. The British Press is fine with this agreement, but it is often the international agencies that cross the line.

The godparents and Cressida

There has been a rumour that Guy Pelly, one of Prince William’s trusted friends, will be the godfather.  This could either be a way of testing the waters or it could be just that: a rumour. Guy is a long-time friend of William and Harry and owns a lot of nightclubs where the Princes can enjoy themselves without a worry about privacy. Though William and Catherine have been photographed outside his clubs numerous times (where Catherine apparently committed the crime of brushing her hair and putting on some lipstick before leaving the club and having to face the Press), they aren’t really party animals any more. Even the party prince, Harry, hasn’t been seen outside a club for a while – never mind with his girlfriend Cressida.

But I think it’s a little shortsighted to say Guy won’t be a good godfather just because he is an entrepreneur and owns clubs.

And speaking of Cressida, there have been rumours that Catherine doesn’t like her. Cressida’s half-sister, Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, recently got married to Richard Branson’s son – in South Africa nogal (see picture above) – and this is the girl who was involved with William for a short while when Catherine and William split up temporarily a few years ago. I find the story that William asked Isabella to marry him and she refused (apparently because she didn’t feel up to taking on the responsibility of the royal life), hard to believe.

If Catherine had to wait so long for William to propose, why would he ask Isabella while the relationship was so new? And I don’t think the fact that Isabella was invited to the royal wedding but not to one of the receptions, has anything to do with jealousy.

The Diana movie

The movie Diana, which will soon be released in South Africa, got a chilly reception from the British Press. Só chilly in fact, that the movie will be released on DVD barely a week after its premiére – without showing in theatres at all. According to Richard Kay, a journalist who was a close confidante of Diana, the movie is full of factual mistakes.

-   Arlene Prinsloo

Arlene Prinsloo is an ardent royalist, national content coordinator at Digital News: Media24 News and YOU’s royal blogger.

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