Natalie Germanos on cricket

By admin
28 March 2011

We recently caught up with SABC radio commentator Natalie Germanos. Here’s her thoughts on being one of the few female cricket commentators in South Africa.

Do you feel intimidated working in such a male-dominated industry? (Annerie Vorster and Peter van Rooyen) I did initially. I was so worried about what I said and that people wouldn’t agree with me. I was very nervous when I started.

If my male colleagues didn’t agree with what I was saying I second guessed myself and believed I was wrong. But eventually after spending a lot of time with them I realised everyone has their own opinion.

I don’t feel nervous anymore. I do feel like I constantly have to do my best. I was lucky that when I started I had Kass Naidoo as a role model.

Who is your favourite cricket player? Jacques Kallis. I think he’s such a talented and professional player. The fact that he’s able to bowl, bat and field at slip is fantastic. He’s someone I look up to.     Have you ever played cricket before? (Debbie Kuhn) Yes, I have played cricket before. I played cricket at school and at club level. I also played and coached ladies’ cricket in Argentina.

Who is your favourite cricket commentator? Glen Mitchell. He’s a radio commentator in Australia for ABC. He doesn’t just do cricket; he also does AFL, the Olympics and the Special Olympics so he’s an all-round sportsman. This is something I hope to emulate.

Do you think doors are opening for more female cricket commentators? Absolutely, I hope there will be more and more female commentators. I had Donna Simmons from the West Indies who has been in radio for a long time and Kass Naidoo to look up to and I hope I’ll do the same for other females.

What obstacles have you had to overcome to get to where you are today? (Candice Karelse) Quite a few obstacles obviously being female in a male-dominated industry. When they hear a female voice they automatically think, “What do you know about cricket? You’ve never played at the top level”.

Which of course I haven’t, but eventually after a lot of hard work I’ve been able to overcome that and I’ve gained a bit of respect. Hopefully there are more people who like me than people who don’t.

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