Nation in Conversation at Nampo – The Politics of Food

By admin
22 May 2016

The second session of Nation in Conversation at the Nampo Harvest Day festival in Bothaville today saw the heat being turned up a notch or two with an all black panel discussing the Politics of Food.

| Nampo 2016 -- Nation in Conversation |

The Nation in Conversation panel discussion at the Nampo agricultural show in Bothaville serve as a platform for opening dialogue around  issues in agriculture in South Africa, where a variety of specialists and experts will discuss the concerns in their field. See snippets of these fascinating talks on, or visit Nation in Conversation YouTube channel for more.

Mpumelelo Mkhabela (Former editor of Sowetan) speaks to Joe Maswangani (Group Executive Director of Senwes LTD),Prince Mashele (Political Analyst) and Professor Muzkisi Qobo (Political Risk Analyst) about The Politics of Food in agriculture.

Click here to watch the full episode and more on the Nation in Conversation YouTube channel.

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