Ne-Yo: Beyoncé is my queen

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02 March 2015

Ne-Yo doesn't think there would be "much mutiny going down" if Beyoncé Knowles was queen.

The 32-year-old singer is a huge music fan and prides himself on keeping up with new sounds. There are many artists he is impressed by, among them the superstar songstress.

"I love Beyoncé's royalty factor - she'd be a kind of queen. The villagers would like her, not much mutiny would be going down," he mused to British magazine Heat.

'I love Beyoncé's royalty factor'

There are also some British stars who are getting Ne-Yo excited. Sam Smith recently swept the board at the Grammys, taking home four of the prizes, and the R&B star can completely see why he's doing so well.

"I'm loving Sam Smith - he's just a talent and I think people are playing attention to the talent, as opposed to making it about anything else," he said. "Ed Sheeran's another one - it's not about his look, just the fact he writes really, really good songs. That's refreshing at a time when scandal and controversy is always such a focal point."

Ne-Yo feels lucky to have worked with so many big names and to be able to call them his friends. He cites sharing the stage with Rihanna as a highlight and explained she is one person he knows he could call with a problem and get great advice.

He's also met Prince, who left him completely tongue-tied because he was so in awe, and has recorded a track with booming songstress Céline Dion.

"Beyond amazing," he said of the experience. "Her energy is incredible. She was so cool. I'd already painted a picture of who she was going to be before I met her, but she was the opposite of what I expected. [I'm] not saying I expected her to be a b***h, but I did expect a little diva-esque behaviour. There was none of that."

Having achieved so much already, Ne-Yo could be forgiven for wanting to spend some time relaxing. That's not in his make up though and he still has a lot of goals he wants to crack.

"Before I leave this plane of existence, I want to be able to say that I at least tried to write a song for an artist of every genre. So, the Ne-Yo death metal song will be coming soon," he laughed.

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