Ne-Yo: I'm the world's matchmaker

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15 August 2015

Ne-Yo wants to help men communicate with women.

Ne-Yo wants to help men communicate with women.

The 35-year-old singer's album Non-Fiction reached number one on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart after its release earlier this year thanks to its catchy songs.

He hopes tracks such as Make It Easy will appeal to both genders, as he feels it expresses what men want to say to women.

'I am trying to get relationships together all over the world'

"It gets difficult for us as men. I am the first to admit that we are not as smart as y'all. Communication comes hard for us and that is why I am here. I am here to help my fellow men out. Let me say it for you, guys," he laughed to

"I am trying to get relationships together all over the world."

He doesn't just pen music for himself though; Ne-Yo has written songs for the likes of Rihanna, Ciara and the late Whitney Houston. When asked if he feels like a surrogate mother when parting with his lyrics, the star insists he caters a song to the vocalist.

"It is more along the lines of... when I give a song to someone who is worthy of it... if I write a song and you go into studio, and you record it exactly the way I gave it to you, it defeats the purpose," he shrugged. "I wrote it for you, so take the time to make it yours. Don't give me a carbon copy of what I did or I would have just kept it for myself."

The musician enjoys seeing other artists adapt his work to make it unique. However, he has encountered some people who are more focused on success than creating a sound true to themselves.

"They are like, 'Write me a hit,' and they have no specifics, no passion, they just want me to give them something that is successful. OK, fine, everyone wants to be successful but you have to love for this and what you are doing," he added.

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