Neil Patrick Harris: I want pre-Oscars scandal!

By admin
22 February 2015

Neil Patrick Harris is crossing his fingers for a scandal to spice up the Oscars this weekend.

The 41-year-old actor is hosting the highlight of the Hollywood calendar on Sunday and has been feverishly preparing for a while. The ceremony represents the end of awards season, which means there have been some problems with getting skits ready ahead of time.

'Honestly what I'm hoping for is a scandal this week'

"You start writing jokes and making content, but then the Golden Globes happen and so anything that [presenters] Amy [Poehler] and Tina [Fey] say, that's super duper funny, you're like, 'Ah, dammit!' You scratch those ones off... You're the last hurdle in the awards show marathon. It's weird because it's the crumbs in one way and yet it's the big one in another way," he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "So I'm concerned and always pondering what the right thing to do... do you make jokes at people 'cos they're funny? Or because they're nominated for an Academy Award, and it's a special night, they don't really wanna be made fun at. But if you don't do that at all are you being too saccharine? So we have a bit of all of it. Honestly what I'm hoping for is a scandal this week."

The Academy Awards might be all-consuming for Neil at the moment, but he was happy to discuss other things too.

He is famously obsessed with magic and had a room dedicated to the hobby when he lived in Los Angeles. He's now based in New York with his husband David Burtka and their four-year-old sons Gideon and Harper and the magic bits and pieces have travelled with them. Obviously the star worries about his kids interfering with them, so has come up with a novel way to keep them away - a special magic room.

"This one's great, it has a secret door to get in. So there's a big magic poster on the wall and then there's a smaller magic poster on the side and that's of a magician and one of his eyes is a button. And you wouldn't ever know, but when you push the button it opens the door and then you can go in and I have a bunch of magic props and stuff," he enthused.

"The reason I had to do that was because our kids are four and I collect antique magic kits and things like that and so it's the room that they're not allowed in. They can't open it until they're nine or ten and able to reach the button!"

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