Nespresso: 20 quick facts

By admin
16 November 2012

Nespresso has grown into one of the most recognised brands in the world of coffee

Since its launch in 1986 , representing a refined mark of passion and understated elegance.

•    In 2008 Nespresso became the first roast-and-ground coffee brand to achieve global status. It was chosen as the top Trusted Coffee Brand in Europe (2010) by Reader’s Digest in a survey of 16 markets.

•    Nespresso has an international retail network of more than 270 exclusive coffee boutiques. These boutiques offer consumers a unique opportunity to experience the brand with all their senses.

•    By providing advice and information the Nespresso Club and dedicated call centres around the world can help anyone to become a discerning coffee connoisseur.

•    Nespresso has taken the concept of personalisation and choice to new heights.

•    It’s the only brand that goes to such lengths to accommodate consumers’ individual needs and preferences.

•    Nespresso has a growing Facebook community of more than 1,5 million fans.

•    It takes pride in being energy-conscious and especially environmentally-conscious, subscribing to its own AAA Sustainable Quality Programme developed in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance.

•    Nespresso offers a 24/7 global internet boutique.

•    Only 1-2 per cent of the coffee crops grown globally meet Nespresso’s exacting standards.

•    The taste and aroma of Nespresso’s coffee is specially preserved in what has become an iconic, hermetically-sealed capsule.

•    Nespresso guarantees the unsurpassed quality of its coffee blends because the company is involved in every aspect of the production and preparation process – from coffee tree to coffee cup.

•    Nespresso selects individual crops on the basis of quality as well as taste and aroma.

•    The utmost care and attention is invested in the blending, roasting and grinding processes.

•    Each coffee blend’s complex properties are carefully orchestrated by experts.

•    Nespresso offers an unequalled range of 16 Grand Cru blends for home enjoyment that run the gamut of tastes from full-strength to decaffeinated to satisfy the most discerning palettes.

•    In addition to its permanent collections, Nespresso typically introduces two extraordinary and rare Grand Cru blends for a limited period each year.

•    Nespresso is the only brand that offers a total coffee experience combining perfection, pleasure, simplicity and contemporary aesthetics.

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For more info go to or call 0800 NESPRESSO (0800-6377-73776).

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