New app helps you choose a bra

By admin
19 August 2013

A new app allows women to determine their bra size by means of two photographs.

The app, developed specifically for iPhone, allows women to accurately determine their bra size by taking two photographs of themselves in a tight-fitting shirt. Three-dimensional data is deduced from the photographs and your precise measurements are determined.

A woman’s voice then suggests underwear available at the online shop of ThirdLove, the app developer, and alleges the bras will fit perfectly.

A scientist from the American space agency, Nasa, was a member of the team that generated the technology behind the app, which was developed by ThirdLove after a study in the United Kingdom showed nearly 85 per cent of women wore the wrong size bra. The organisation then received investments totalling R56 million to develop the program.

ThirdLove is planning to introduce this app for other clothing too.

-Shané Barnard


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