New app reveals who secretly hates you on Facebook

By admin
04 December 2013

Ever wondered if some of your Facebook friends might not actually like you? You can now find out.


LET’S face it – we all have that friend on Facebook we really dislike but just can’t seem to unfriend. But what if they were feeling the same as you? You can now find out which of your Facebook friends would rather throw a glass of wine in your face than share a bottle over dinner with you. is an app that enables you to identify your “frenemies”. It produces a line-up of your Facebook friends and you then click under the pictures of those with whom you don’t really get on.

The relevant people are notified by email and both of you know your so-called friendship on Facebook is not a true reflection of affairs. The notification only happens, however, if both of you say you hate each other.

Chris Baker, former creative director at BuzzFeed, designed the unusual social networking app. He believes it should be taken with a pinch of salt and told ABC News the app should “be fun and deliver social commentary on the current standing of Facebook”.

Some say the app is superfluous because you can simply remove those you don’t like on Facebook without having to insult them. And let’s not even begin to think about the hurt feelings of those who’ll just be “testing” their bosom buddies. . .

-Amber Kriel

Source: MailOnline

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