New cellphone scam targets Woolworths shoppers

By admin
21 July 2015

A new cellphone scam is currently doing the rounds where consumers are asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey for a local retailer.

A gift card is offered as a reward for successfully completing the survey. But the survey has not been commissioned by the retailer, Woolworths. In a statement on its website Woolworths said: “We have been made aware of a ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ offering a Woolworths gift card as a giveaway for completing the survey. This ‘survey’ is not authorised by Woolworths. Please disregard it.”

Several people have used social media platforms to express their concern about the scam in which an SMS is sent to users. It compels you to answer a bizarre series of questions. Once you’re done you’re taken to a page where you have to share the message with 10 friends on WhatsApp.

You then have to provide your cellphone number and address in order to receive the “gift card”. But worse is to come: as soon as you enter your cellphone number you commit yourself to a subscription of a hefty R7 a day of your airtime.

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