New encyclopaedia set for young readers

By admin
26 September 2013

If you think encyclopaedias have been completely eradicated by the internet, think again!

Can you still remember spending afternoons in the town library to complete your school assignments? You wandered through the reference shelves, in search of information, pictures and statistics for the project on clouds you had to hand in the day after tomorrow (if you were a model student!) How would you ever have got the job done without the help of those volumes and volumes of reference bibles?

Jacklin Enterprises has recently launched a brand-new Britannica Junior: Encyclopaedia for Southern Africa (R7 200). Well-known South African radio personality Dawid van Lill and a team of researchers, librarians and teachers started translating the British version into Afrikaans about three years ago. Now this content has also been made available in English in a 10-volume set.

This latest version contains about 450 unique articles about Southern Africa – including articles about, among others, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Heritage Day, Robben Island and the Cullinan Diamond.

The publishers believe this 10-volume set will go a long way in schools that don’t have access to the internet or their own libraries.

Shané Barnard

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