New highs for American sushi restaurant

By Mieke Vlok
01 February 2014

Being environmentally conscious is all the rage at the moment but a sushi restaurant in Colorado, US, has given new meaning to the term “going green”, by replacing the wine in food and wine pairings with dagga.

A sushi restaurant in California reached new highs by replacing the wine in food and wine pairings with dagga.

Unfortunately, the menu is just a suggestion and not actually on offer.

Since the sale and use of marijuana was legalised on 1 January in the state of Colorado the Hapa sushi restaurant started marketing a series of dagga varieties as suggested pairings with dishes.

Visitors can choose from among others a prawn dish paired with Kush marijuana from Pakistan or a curry with Blue Dream pot.

The initiative is part of the group’s Happy Legalization advertising campaign and has elicited an enthusiastic response on social media.

Jonathan Schoenberg of campaign managers TDA Boulder says huge effort went into getting the pairings right and that their suggestions are genuine.

The restaurant has been calling on pot smokers to try the place if they have the munchies after a joint, adding patrons can rest assured the restaurant has been designed to “prevent paranoia”.

Extra sources: Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK

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