New M-Net Series channels on the way

By Kirstin Buick
20 June 2013

TV fans will be delighted to hear M-Net Series is set to launch more channels in July – M-Net Series Showcase, M-Net Series Reality and M-Net Series Zone on DStv.

Showcase (channel 113) is set to broadcast new seasons of favourites such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pretty Little Liars and Criminal Minds. Other shows include Sex and the City prequel series The Carrie Dairies, Big Daddy and Castle. For a full list see below.

Reality TV addicts will soon be hooked on M-Net Series Reality (channel 114), which will be the home of shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, The Biggest Loser and Junior MasterChef.

Finally, the M-Net Series Zone channel (channel 115) is set to air “uninterrupted, back-to-back” episodes of shows such as  Private Practice, Parenthood, House  and (our TV Blogger will be happy to hear) Game of Thrones.

*Programming and descriptions as supplied by M-Net. Note: this may be subject to change

M-Net Series Showcase:


STARTS 9 JULY, 6 pm (new episodes of Ellen to start in September)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show continues to be the biggest talk-show destination for laughter and fun, highlighting Ellen's one-of-a-kind observational humour, warmth and insight, and featuring the biggest stars from television, film, music and more.



A young man becomes an unexpected dad in Baby Daddy when he comes home to find his ex-girlfriend has left a baby girl on his doorstep. Now Ben has to leave his bachelor life behind to raise his daughter, with the help of his best buddies, Riley and Tucker, his brother Danny and his overprotective mother, Bonnie.

Season two sees more romantic tension between Danny, Riley and Ben, but will the friends finally see each other’s feelings or will they be lost in the commotion of raising baby Emma?


STARTS 9 JULY, 7.30 pm

Richard Castle is a famous mystery novelist who draws inspiration for his stories from a real-life homicide detective, Kate Beckett. The two clash on everything, which makes their investigations into already strange cases even more interesting. After working closely in the most dangerous situations, the unusual pair find sparks of a different kind flying between them.

Season five kicks off with Castle and Beckett having to face the aftermath of giving into their feelings for one another. They struggle to keep their relationship a secret, and it’s made harder when they finally learn who’s responsible for Beckett’s mother’s murder.


STARTS 9 JULY, 8.30 pm

Criminal Minds follows an elite team of FBI profilers, who analyse the US’ most twisted criminals by anticipating their moves before they strike again. Experienced agent David Rossi and Special Agents Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid make up the team along with Emily Prentiss, a former Interpol agent whose past has caught up with her.

In season eight the profilers are put on a case that involves an escaped killer known as “The Silencer”.  The team also welcomes a new member in the form of Alex Blake, a linguistics expert.


STARTS 9 JULY, 9.30 pm

After losing their chief, the detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department struggle to be a team under their new leadership in Major Crimes. The division’s new captain, Sharon Raydor, is put in charge, and she becomes determined to gain their trust and lead with a more team-oriented approach.

Season two opens with the division immediately diving into some challenging and fascinating cases, including the murder of a big-time film producer and a murder-suicide that isn’t what it seems.


STARTS 10 JULY, 7.30 pm

The Carrie Diaries chronicles the life of a teenaged Carrie Bradshaw, who at 16 years old is struggling with the recent death of her mother, her younger sister is acting out, and her father isn’t quite sure how to raise his daughters alone.

Carrie’s closest friends, Mouse, Maggie and Walt, keep her sane, and the arrival of new guy Sebastian brings Carrie some excitement, even though her rival, Donna LaDonna, is vying for his attention. Just when she feels she wants more in her life, Carrie is introduced to Manhattan, and her life-long love affair with the glamorous city begins.


STARTS 10 JULY, 9.30 pm

Pretty Little Liars follows a group of the prettiest girls in town ? Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily ? who have a dark secret: the truth of what happened to their leader and “Queen Bee”, Alison, who’s disappeared. But when Alison turns up dead, the girls start receiving strange messages from the mysterious “A” who threatens to reveal everything they’ve covered up.

Season 3 kicks off five months after “A” is revealed to have been Mona ? who’s now locked up in a sanatorium. The girls think they’ve heard the last of her, until “A” sends them a chilling message, meaning the threat is still out there.


STARTS 11 JULY, 7 pm

Jules Cobb and her family of friends keep life interesting and funny as they support each other through the best and the worst.

Season four sees Jules and Grayson adjusting steadily to married life, just as Travis decides to try his hand at being a “player”. As Ellie heads back to work, Bobby decides to try out the dating scene.


STARTS 11 JULY, 7.30 pm

Emma Swan’s life has been anything but a fairytale, then things take a magical turn when the son she abandoned 10 years ago, Henry, seeks her out. Henry tells Emma his sleepy town is really part of a curse cast by an evil queen, and Emma is really the lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. She decides to trust in Henry, and when she uncovers the truth it’s much worse than either of them could have imagined.

In season two, reality and myth merge as the curse lifts and the fairytale characters begin awakening. But things aren’t quite right yet, and a new quest for power may just jeopardise the characters in the real world.


STARTS 11 JULY, 8.30 pm

The struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women ? and one man ? are explored in Army Wives. Living with their families on an active army post, Claudia, Denise, Roxy, Pamela and Roland try to be a pillar of support for their spouses ? which comes with its own set of challenges as the threat of war looms over them.

In season seven, after the news of the troops’ redeployment to Afghanistan, the “tribe” face a devastating loss and have to rally together once more. Meanwhile, new arrivals to the post make themselves known.


STARTS 11 JULY, 9.30 pm

Madmen explores the ruthless and competitive world of advertising in the 1960s and follows the conflicted Don Draper, the biggest ad man in the business, and his colleagues.

Season six sees Don at the head of a new campaign, spearheading the project. Betty takes in a house guest and Roger gets some unsettling news.


STARTS 12 JULY, 7 pm

Working in the parks and recreation department, Leslie Knope goes to great lengths to make her town of Pawnee more fun. With the help of her subordinate, Tom, her best friend, Ann, and former lover Mark, Leslie uses her optimism to turn the town into an attraction.

In the season five premiere, Leslie and Andy visit Ben and April in Washington DC, where Leslie is overwhelmed by the city. With Leslie absent, Ron throws a thank-you barbecue for the entire staff.


STARTS 12 JULY, 7.30 pm (moves from Vuzu to M-Net Series Showcase)

When his best friend persuades him to go into the woods one night, Scott McCall is attacked by a werewolf. The bite gives him strange new abilities that also complicate his life, and making things even harder for Scott is his attraction to the new girl in town who seems to be hiding a dark family secret.

Season two kicks off with Lydia missing in action. When the gang discover her disappearance from the hospital, the werewolves and the hunters go on a desperate search for her, and discover the scary truth of what she’s become.


STARTS 12 JULY, 8.30 pm

In Grimm, Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he’s a descendent of an elite line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms”.  Now charged with keeping the balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world, Nick attempts to hide his newfound calling from his fiancée, Juliette, and his partner, Hank Griffin.

As Nick becomes drawn into the world of mythological creatures and their rivalries, he struggles with his responsibilities as a detective and his new calling as a Grimm.


STARTS 12 JULY, 9.30 pm 

Sam and Dean Winchester run the family business: battling all things supernatural. After giving up their normal lives, the brothers save the world from evil time and time again, at the cost of their family life, their sanity, sometimes their humanity, and even their lives.

In the season eight premiere, Dean escapes from Purgatory, with Castiel nowhere to be found. His mysterious arrival back in the world of the living is complicated when his reunion with Sam doesn’t go as either brother expected.

90210 V

STARTS 13 JULY 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm (3 episodes)

A group of wealthy kids living in Beverly Hills experience new loves, old flames, tested loyalties and shocking betrayals. As the gang explore the beginnings of adult life, they search for answers to their trials and tribulations, with only their friendships to lean on.

Season five kicks off with Dixon unconscious after a life-threatening accident. Annie and Ade try to be there for him, as an unaware Adrianna vows to get over him for good.


STARTS 13 JULY, 8.30 pm – 10.30 pm (3 episodes)

Chicago Fire is a drama series with an edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America’s most noble professions. For the firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 no occupation is more stressful or dangerous, yet so rewarding and exhilarating. These courageous men and women are among the elite who forge headfirst into danger when everyone else is running the other way and whose actions mean the difference between life and death.

1600 PENN I

STARTS 14 JULY, 5 pm

The Gilchrists are an average American family, with one exception; they live in the White House. As the First Family, they have a lot of responsibility but that’s made a little complicated when their quirks seem to outshine their good intentions.

After the president’s son arrives home from college, the head of state quickly realises his hardest job is being head of his own family.


STARTS 14 JULY, 5.30 pm (moves from M-Net 101 to M-Net Series Showcase)

Last Man Standing is a comedy series that will add some fun to viewers’ Sunday entertainment. Barely surviving in a household full of women, a man’s-man patriarch evaluates how far the modern woman has come and wonders what has become of all the men.


STARTS 14 JULY, 6 pm (moves from M-Net 101 to M-Net Series Showcase)

Three best friends from Los Angeles are on their way to Paris when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. Here the women discover things are done a little differently, and decide to stay and rent a house, adopting its feisty caretaker in the process.

In season four, an unhinged woman offers Melanie a great job and Elka gets the upper hand with her boyfriend. But the real focus is on the identity of the mysterious baby that entered the ladies’ lives unexpectedly.


STARTS 14 JULY, 7.30 pm

In this musical drama, when a hit-making Broadway duo of writers decided to create a musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe they never dreamt the two talents, seasoned Ivy Lynn and newcomer Karen Cartwright, would be the ones who would steal the show. Both the cast and crew discover just how beautiful and heartbreaking the world of Broadway can be.

Season two sees the Bombshell team celebrating the success of the play’s run in Boston. But while Karen finds herself on the brink of fame, it may come at a cost to Ivy.


STARTS 14 JULY, 8.30 pm

On her first day of training at the CIA, Agent Annie Walker is placed into the field almost immediately. Once she gets her first mission, she quickly learns all her training will be on the job, and with the guidance of her tech-savvy analyst, Auggie, Annie’s campaign within the secret levels of the CIA becomes more dangerous and more complex.

In season three, the team’s Independence Day celebrations are cut short when a car bomb kills one of their own, and Annie is at the centre of suspicion.


STARTS 14 JULY, 9.30 pm

A troubled woman is recruited by a secret US programme to become an assassin. Years of training have made her skilled in taking out whatever “trash” the organisation wants out, but when she realises just how many innocent people are sacrificed in the process, Nikita goes rogue and starts a war of her own ? against the very people who made her what she is.

In the season three premiere, Ryan has taken charge of Division and together with Nikita they look for a way to bring in all Division’s rogue agents. But their first mission hits a snag when Michael is arrested.



When former Senator Selina Meyer accepts a call to serve as vice-president of the United States, the job is nothing like she imagined. Washington is full of political games, and Selina and her staff attempt to make their mark without getting caught up in the drama.

Though they try desperately to see their pet project ? the Clean Jobs Commission ? become a reality, a series of missteps finds them doing damage control in Selina’s first official act as vice-president.


STARTS 15 JULY, 7 pm

Liz Lemon, head writer for a variety show, is thrown for a loop when NBC gets a new head in the form of the charismatic and suave Jack Donaghy. Liz’s team undergoes multiple changes and soon she becomes the head writer for an off-the-wall skit show with quirky characters and even quirkier production staff.

Season seven sees Liz questioning some of Jack’s horrible programming for the network, as Jenna prepares to be the ultimate “bridezilla” for her upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Kenneth’s living situation with Hazel forces him to turn to Tracy for advice.


STARTS 15 JULY, 7.30 pm

In this sci-fi series visionary inventor Evan Cross and his team of experts track the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that suddenly, without explanation, start appearing on the streets of modern-day cities, and find a way to protect the world from these anomalies. And while Evan’s past has prepared him for the worst, he relies on the team just as they rely on each other as they face off against some of the most dangerous creatures of the prehistoric age.


STARTS 15 JULY, 7.30 pm

In Defiance, the year 2046 sees an unrecognisable Earth with new rules after various alien races arrive on the planet and throw the world into chaos. A former marine and his adopted alien daughter decide to settle down in a small town that’s seemingly unaffected by the conflict.

Once they arrive though, the pair quickly realise things aren’t what they seem, as a series of events unfold and threaten the fragile peace the town fought so hard for.


STARTS 15 JULY, 9.30 pm

After the invention of synthetic blood, vampires come out of the shadows and become fellow citizens of the world. In a small town in the South, local waitress Sookie Stackhouse hides a supernatural ability of her own, and her life is further complicated by the relationship she has with the sexy vampire living down the road as humans and vampires wage war around her.

Things heat up in season six when Sookie and the rest of the captives escape the Authority compound. Alcide finds himself becoming the new pack master and Andy deals with the four newborn human-faerie hybrids.

Series moving over from the current M-Net Series channel to M-Net Series Showcase:


Continues on 10 July at 7 pm


Continues on 10 July at 8.30 pm


Continues on 14 July at 6.30 pm

M-Net Series Reality:


STARTS 9 JULY, 6.30 pm

Hosted by this Emmy Award winner, the Jeff Probst Show sees the well-known television personality hosting his own talk show. Engaging viewers with stories about people living life to the fullest, Jeff adds his own spirit of adventure and possibility to each episode.

From relationships to family dynamics to newsmakers of the day, the seasoned television host covers a range of topics that highlights interesting people with interesting stories.


STARTS 9 JULY, 7.30 pm (moves form current M-Net Series channel 114 to M-Net Series Reality channel 113 ? new episodes start in November)

The Doctors is a one-hour medical infotainment programme providing reliable medical, health and wellness advice from a distinguished panel of four doctors. The experts focus on hot-button medical issues and new procedures, as well as tackling viewers’ questions, problems and needs in an open and engaging format.


STARTS 9 JULY, 8.30 pm

Junior MasterChef sees children aged between eight and 12 competing against one another in the ultimate cook-off. Although the Junior series doesn’t eliminate contestants every week, four contestants are eliminated once the top 12 is decided.

Some of the most extraordinary challenges give the kids an opportunity to show off their culinary skills, as they cook alongside celebrity chefs and get the chance to win a range of prizes.


STARTS 9 JULY, 9.30 pm

Life After Top Chef explores the off-camera experiences of favourite “chef-testants” Richard Blais, Jen Carroll, Spike Mendelsohn and Fabio Viviani. The fan favourites are in the process of reaching some big milestones, in both their personal and professional lives.

While Richard attempts to open a fine-dining restaurant in Atlanta Jen sets out to start her dream restaurant in Philadelphia. Spike tries to balance the demands of his family with venturing out on his own as Fabio seeks to become the “male Martha Stewart”.


STARTS 9 JULY, 10.30 pm (repeat from M-Net 101)

The show features a tiered format wherein dancers from a variety of styles enter open auditions held in a number of major US cities to showcase their unique styles and talents and, if allowed to move forward, are then put through additional rounds of auditions to test their ability to adapt to different styles. At the end of this process, a small number of dancers are chosen as finalists who move on to the competition's main phase, where they perform solo, duet, and group dance numbers in a variety of styles.


STARTS 10 JULY, 8.30 pm

Season 10 kicks off with a new theme of “paying it forward” and 21 contestants vying for a spot at the ranch to become healthy and change their lives forever. With obesity now one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States, The Biggest Loser wanted to broaden its reach this season, pay it forward and motivate communities – not just contestants – to become healthy. So trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, and host Alison Sweeney travel to seven cities in the premiere episode, with each trainer leading community fitness challenges such as a one-mile race or a 500 step-up competition.


STARTS 11 JULY 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm 

Three handsome and successful bachelors get the opportunity to find the right woman and matchmakers make it their mission to do a nationwide search for potential mates for each man, as they launch into a romantic and competitive journey.

Financier Ben Patton, musician Tim Lopez and philanthropist Ernesto Arguello prepare to find true love ? and break a few hearts in the process when they send someone home each week.


STARTS 12 JULY, 8.30 pm

Three supermodel coaches compete against one another to find the face of ULTA Beauty in The Face. Under their experienced guidance, three teams of aspiring models are coached through real-life photoshoots and commercial assignments.

Professional photographer Nigel Barker hosts the show as the trials and tribulations of each week see the group of hopefuls narrowed down until one winning Face remains.


STARTS 12 JULY, 9.30 pm

Celebrity mentors take 14 unknown designers under their wing and give them a chance to become a household name. Contestants are given challenges each week, and each project is presented to a set of well-known clothing buyers.

Through fierce competition aspiring designers get the chance to showcase their talents as they vie for the greatest prize: having their original collections in three of the nation’s largest fashion retailers.


STARTS 15 JULY, 8.30 pm

The Real Housewives of NYC follows the busy lives of a group of ambitious Manhattan women as they juggle their families and their demanding careers with their colourful and fabulous social lives. Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson join the already established Housewives, Countess LuAnn Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer.

Season five sees the Housewives hitting it off with their new friends, until Ramona arrives. The tension between LuAnn and Ramona causes Heather and Carole to question who they can really trust.


STARTS 15 JULY, 9.30 pm

The Real Housewives of Orange County follows the glamorous lives of the wealthy women in the OC. As they strive to become successful entrepreneurs, excellent mothers and dutiful wives, their friendship holds them together through thick and thin.

In season six, Tamara prepares to bid good riddance to her husband, by celebrating her new boyfriend. The girls also welcome Peggy, a former model-turned-stay-at-home mom, and Fernanda, a sizzling Brazilian fitness instructor.

 M-Net Series Zone:  


STARTS 9 JULY, 6.30 pm

Private Practice is about gifted doctors working together to change the lives of their patients. Having made a home in Los Angeles and among her friends at the practice, renowned neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery may have at last found true love.

Season six takes off when Addison settles into her new life after making a decision between Jake and Sam, Violet fears the worst when Pete doesn't show up to his preliminary court hearing, and Charlotte swears Cooper to secrecy when she receives shocking news. Meanwhile, Amelia celebrates one year of sobriety and Sheldon rekindles a romance with his ex-wife.


STARTS 9 JULY, 7.30 pm

Parenthood follows the trials and tribulations of the Braverman family as single mother Sarah Braverman attempts to raise her rebellious teenage daughter, Amber, and sensitive son, Drew.

Season three starts off with Sarah celebrating her 40th birthday, while Amber makes an independent move from her family. Julia becomes increasingly frustrated with the adoption process, as Adam feels the pressure of providing for his family.



The Breakout Kings are back on the job and in pursuit of Damien, a particularly ruthless and vicious serial killer. Lloyd was the doctor on the case that put Damien away eight years prior and the bad blood between them runs deep. In the midst of the investigation, the group learns Charlie has been offered a promotion, leaving them uncertain about their future and the fate of the entire programme. But as the pursuit of Damien intensifies, tragedy strikes and one of the Kings pays the ultimate price.



House, an innovative take on medical dramas, is a series in which the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients. The series revolves around him working with an elite team of experts who help him unravel diagnostic mysteries.

When Season 8 starts many months have passed since House drove his car into Cuddy’s living room in the Season 7 finale episode, and House is serving out a prison sentence. When a medical emergency ends his sentence early he quickly discovers the landscape and hierarchy of the Diagnostic Medicine department at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, which he previously presided over, has gone through a transition in his absence.



After being unjustly imprisoned in a brutal rendition camp for two years, the mysterious XIII escapes with the help of equally mysterious allies. With just a few clues to work with and his true identity lost, XIII goes on a mission to uncover his concealed past, becoming entangled in a government conspiracy.


STARTS 12 JULY 10.30 pm

The second season of American Horror story departs completely from the first, with a completely new location and set of characters. It takes place both in 1964 and the present, and follows the lives of the patients, doctors and nuns at Briarcliff Mental Institution in Massachusetts, founded to treat the criminally insane.


STARTS 12 JULY, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm (3 episodes)

While running from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant young college dropout Mike Ross stumbles into a job interview with New York City’s best legal closer, Harvey Specter. Tired of hiring the same types of graduates, Harvey takes a gamble on Mike when he recognises his photographic memory and raw talent.

Mike’s lack of degree is a secret only Harvey and his no-nonsense assistant, Donna, know, and both keep it from the firm’s managing partner Jessica Pearson and suspicious junior partner Louis Litt. Mike soon finds keeping his secret isn’t the hardest part of his new job, as Harvey assigns him one challenging case after the next.


STARTS 12 JULY 9.30 pm – 11.30 pm (3 episodes)

The Americans is a drama centred on the complex marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington DC shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected president.


STARTS 13 JULY 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm (3 episodes)

The Good Wife is a gripping blend of courtroom, political and (steamy) relationship drama. A politician’s wife whose world was shattered when her husband was caught in a sex and corruption scandal is forced to support her family, so she returns to work at a Chicago law firm.


STARTS 12 JULY 9.30 pm – 11.30 pm (3 episodes)

Game of Thrones is an adaptation of American author George RR Martin's epic fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show explores a medieval-like fantasy world with its plethora of characters all struggling in the only game that matters -- the game of thrones. And in this game you either win or you die, there’s no middle ground.


STARTS 12 JULY 9.30 pm – 11.30 pm (3 episodes)

Mayor Tom Kane is King of Chicago, and he rules his domain with an iron fist. Deception, scandal, and betrayal go hand-in-hand with Kane’s form of politics. As long as he gets the job done, the people of Chicago look the other way. Despite being the most effective mayor in recent history, Kane is hiding a dark secret ? a degenerative brain disorder is ripping everything away from him, and he can’t trust his memory, his closest allies, or even himself.


STARTS 14 JULY 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm (3 episodes)

Blue Bloods is a drama series about a multigenerational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Frank Reagan is the New York police commissioner and heads both the police force and the Reagan brood. He runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family, even when dealing with the politics that plagued his unapologetically bold father, Henry, during his stint as chief. A source of pride and concern for Frank is his eldest son, Danny, a seasoned detective, family man and Iraq War vet who on occasion uses dubious tactics to solve cases.



Against the Wall is a drama series about Abby Kowalski who after several years as a cop is ready to be a detective, and finds an opening in Internal Affairs. The new job causes a huge rift within her close-knit family of cops.

-Kirstin Buick

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