New mom shows off super toned abs just SIX DAYS after giving birth

By Samantha Luiz
30 May 2016

"No makeup. No filters. No photoshop. Just sleepy ole me."

Losing her baby weight is one thing Sia Cooper won't have to worry about.

The new mom, who's also a fitness blogger, shared the ultimate 'fitspiration' photo of her post-pregnancy body on Instagram. "No makeup. No filters. No photoshop. Just sleepy ole me," she captioned the bathroom selfie. “While some may say I snapped back rather quickly, my body is still very soft, but I absolutely am loving my postpartum body because it grew and birthed a human being!

"How cool is that? Muscle memory is also an amazing thing and proof that hard work really does pay off during pregnancy — even when you’re feeling as big as a house.” Sia, who is also mom to a 2-year-old son, was so dedicated to her workout routine that she even trained on the day she went into labour. "The day I went into labor, I actually did incline training for an hour along with dumbbell curls and barbell squats. I got a great last workout in before my daughter decided to make her grand appearance!" she told People magazine.

"I have a long way to go, but I'll get there. I've been focusing on a clean postpartum diet, but also taking in an insane number of calories to nurse a toddler and a newborn," she wrote on Instagram.

Read more: This woman is insanely fit – and she’s 36 weeks pregnant "I have to admit that I miss my pregnant belly so much. There are no words to describe those little kicks on the inside and I cannot believe that my daughter is already 6 days old. But to have her here on the outside has been such a sweet experience." The ripped mom has also hit back at critics who have "fit-shamed her".

"My postpartum body has been called "unrealistic," "unhealthy," "boastful," and "selfish"," she revealed on Instagram. Read more: You won’t believe this model’s pregnancy abs! "Unhealthy? would you believe it if I were to tell you that I'm currently taking in around 3,000 calories daily to breastfeed a toddler AND a newborn?

"Boastful? Hell yeah! I worked my ass off during pregnancy so pardon me if I'm a little proud of myself."


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