New pics! Khloe and Kim post weird wedding snaps online

By Kirstin Buick
12 June 2014

We're not sure exactly what was going through Kim and Khloe's minds when they posted these wedding pictures within minutes of each other - a photograph of Kanye lecturing the bridal party, and a shot of Kim, Kanye and baby North looking seriously grumpy?

"Family ?" Khloe captioned this picture of what looks like Kanye giving his bride's sisters and mother a stern talking to. Erm, OK.You all look really happy about it ...

In Kim's piccie of choice, Kanye is holding little Nori like he's scared she migh explode, and North is very unhappy about it. Kim, of course, looks stunning and serene, her face covered with her veil. Guess that's why she picked the picture.

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