New show Colour TV stirs things up

The whole gang is here. Clint BrinkKim Cloete,Terence Bridgett . . . All coloured because, after all, the TV show that has the country talking is called Colour TV.

It’s half entertainment, half actuality and tries to get into the hearts and minds of coloured people. Duidelik en uiteindelik (clearly and at last), as they say on the show.

But not everyone agrees it paints a true picture of the coloured population. It’s rubbish and insulting, many say of the show, which airs on SABC2 on Friday evenings.

Not so, others counter – it’s hot and shows exactly how coloured people do their thing.

And while those for and against argue, more and more South Africans are tuning in. After just a few episodes Colour TV is breathing down the neck of Afrikaans actuality show Pasella, attracting nearly a million viewers.

Please, not another coloured issue, the critics are saying. We had enough of that when Kuli Robertsreferred to coloured people as “toothless, fish-eating troublemakers who drink beer until they fall over”. But it seems it’s too late – Colour TV has already become an issue.

But what are coloured people really like?

The community is complex and often stereotyped, researchers at marketing firm Original Insight Learning (Oil) found in a survey last year in the Western Cape where 63 per cent of coloured people live.

They divided coloureds into four groups – the Escapers, the In-Betweeners, the Achievers and the Silver Spooners.

Read more in YOU 4 August 2011.