New Super Rugby format?

By admin
29 July 2013

By 2016, the Super Rugby tournament could look completely different to what it does now.

The rugby bosses of Sanzar (South Africa, New Zealand and Australia Rugby) are reportedly discussing a new format for Super Rugby.

According to one of the proposals, South Africa may have its own competition with six teams, and possibly an Argentinian team too. The teams of Australia and New Zealand will form a second competition, possibly together with a team from Asia.

“The challenge is, with a limited number of weeks in the year, how do you create a competition that has integrity in its structure, keeps everyone involved and satisfies the needs of the three main countries?'' Sanzar chief Greg Peters said.

The current format, which involves five teams from each Sanzar country, is problematic for the South African Rugby Union (Saru) which would like to make place for six teams so the Kings and Lions can take part. These two teams are now playing promotional relegation matches to determine who’ll be the fifth South African team in the series next year.

-Suzaan Hauman

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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