New support for men with moobs! Yes, it's the man bra

By admin
24 October 2013

Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do – and sometimes a guy’s gotta wear a bra

It was inevitable. What with all this societal pressure and your lack of time to develop pecs to make Hugh Jackman hang his head in shame.  A new boob-lifting T-shirt was recently designed by British company and it’s for all those men with moobs (that’s man boobs for the uninitiated).

Silkyside on Flickr

The tight-fitting, padded shirt costs about R480 and in the same way the padding in a push-up bra makes a woman’s breasts more attractive, the shirt enhances the shape of a man’s chest muscles, upper arm muscles and triceps.

The idea, it would appear, is to make moobs look more muscled.

The shirt isn’t the first padded underwear available to men. Some dudes have apparently been showing their behinds some love by wearing underwear that enhances the shape of their bottoms for some time.

Watch the video below and see how the shirt can boost your self-confidence

Source: TIME

Picture: Silkyside on Flickr

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