New week, new job, no problem! Man's charity drive sees him work 52 jobs

By Charlene
01 January 2014

It's pretty stressful to change jobs all the time so we can't even imagine what it was like for a guy who did it every week!

Matt Frost (30) spent the last 12 months changing his job every week for a charitable reason.

Matt quit his job as a shop manager 18 months ago and set about trying to find his perfect role, donating his wages to charity at the end of every week. He tried 52 jobs, including being a stuntman and delivering pizzas, in 52 weeks.

He said: "It's been probably the most rewarding, amazing thing I have ever had to do, but it has probably also been the toughest.

"It's not been the most glamorous of years. I've been sleeping on a lot of sofas, taking the cheapest possible buses, trying to group the jobs together. I can't complain, but it has been tough."

To pay for the challenge he used his savings and slept on friends' sofas.

- Bang Showbiz

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