NEWS JUST IN: Jack Parow detained

By admin
07 August 2013

Jack Parow has been arrested at the Vaalkop Dam in Limpopo ahead of the Oppikoppi music festival which will take place there this weekend.

It’s being reported Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow has been arrested.

His PR team have released a statement explaining Jack was detained during the early hours of this morning for allegedly disturbing the peace. The singer was with friends at the Vaalkop Dam, around 60 km southeast of Northam, where the popular Oppikoppi music festival is set to take place this weekend. Apparently he and a friend took a catamaran out in the early hours of the morning – making a great deal of noise in the process.

After a request to keep quiet Jack alleges he returned peacefully, explaining to authorities they’d borrowed the boat. He and his friend are currently being detained on charges of public disorder and disturbing the peace.

There was speculation the report was a practical joke, but when YOU contacted Jack’s publicist, Louise Crouse, she confirmed the story. “It is true. Jack phoned this morning to inform us of the news,” she said.

The muso hasn’t been available for comment.

- Jessica Levitt

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