Nick Cannon talks 'super scary' lupus battle

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26 February 2016

Nick Cannon found himself in a "super scary" position after being diagnosed with lupus in 2012, because he knew nothing about the disease.

The 35-year-old actor, musician and U.S. television personality had no idea he was suffering from the autoimmune disorder until doctors diagnosed the condition, which causes a series of symptoms, including fatigue, anaemia, fever, muscle and joint pain, seizures, sores, and enlarged lymph nodes.

None of his relatives have lupus, so when Nick received his diagnosis, he was initially filled with fear.

"It was super scary just because you don't know... you've never heard of (lupus)," he told HuffPost on Wednesday. "I knew nothing about it until I was diagnosed... But, to me, I'm healthier now than I've ever been before."

Nick, who exercises regularly, has been able to avoid symptom flare-ups by taking "preventative measures". The star advises all those suffering from an autoimmune disease to discover the "proper things to eat", because the America's Got Talent host believes altering his diet is one of the main reasons he has managed to stay healthy.

Although Nick is aware that receiving an autoimmune illness diagnosis may be shocking and frightening, he wants those afflicted by the disorders to know there is hope of living well and largely symptom-free by paying attention to day-to-day routines in addition to being surrounded by a strong, informed network of people.

"When you hear the words 'autoimmune disease' or 'lupus', it's like, 'Whoa, what is that?'" he recalled. "That's how I felt, and that's how my family and friends felt as well... But you realise it's something that you can live with and actually overcome with the proper research and with the proper support system."

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