Nick Gordon ‘got paid for grave photos’

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27 August 2015

Nick Gordon was reportedly paid $40,000 (R522 000) for sad photos taken by Bobbi Kristina Brown’s grave.

The 22-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown passed away at the age of 22 on July 26, having been buried at the Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey near her mother’s plot.

Images of Bobbi Kristina’s former boyfriend Nick were published in the National Enquirer, which sees him mourning over her grave, holding a bouquet of roses and crying profusely.

'This is completely fabricated'

But according to PageSix the pictures were set up, as an insider claims “it was not by accident that Nick was photographed at the site”.

Apparently he was paid $40,000 (R522 000) by the tabloid for the photos which were taken by photographers who staked out near the premises for two days after receiving a scoop he’d turn up.

Nick is facing a huge lawsuit from Bobbi Kristina’s conservators, which could see him forking over millions of dollars if he loses. Bobbi Kristina’s estate has filed a case against him for wrongful death asking he pay $10 million (R130 000) in damages for the loss of her life.

It’s claimed Nick desperately needed the money from the tabloid graveside images to pay his own legal bills.

“Nick is broke,” the source noted. “He can’t afford to defend himself. There was a deal for that money to go to his defense fund.”

But a representative for the young man denies any of this occurred.

“This is completely fabricated. I would also like to add, Page 6 [sic] isn’t a trusted source in news,” his spokesperson scoffed.

The National Enquirer responded in a more vague manner when questioned on whether Nick was paid for the photographs.

“The National Enquirer, more than any other publication, has been unflinching in our reporting of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown,” the publication’s representative said.

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