Nick Gordon’s ‘stepfather’ speaks out

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13 March 2015

Nick Gordon’s ‘stepfather’ says he “fears for my son’s life”.

Jack Walker Jr. was never married to Nick’s mother, but claims to be the only father figure in the young man’s life.

During Nick’s intervention interview with Dr. Phil, which aired on Wednesday night, Jack sat with Access Hollywood to watch the footage.

'He's out of control right now. He's hurt'

Clearly emotional about seeing Nick in such distress, Jack said he believes he is “out of control”.

Asked by host Shaun Robinson what about the interview made him so upset, Jack replied: “How much pain he's in. Every day. It hurts a lot, seeing him in pain. Him not wanting to go forward because he's hurt so bad… It's hard for him each day. He doesn't know if he can make it another day. It's getting harder and harder." Nick previously sparked concern when he tweeted that he wanted to “do myself in” after Bobbi Kristina was hospitalised on January 31 after being found floating face-down in the bath at their home in Roswell, Georgia. "I'm so hurt I wanna do myself in, I know I have to [stay] strong (sic)," he wrote.

And discussing Nick’s wellbeing with Access Hollywood, Jack said he believes he means what he said about wanting to end his life.

He added that he thinks Nick has hit “rock bottom” and is struggling to maintain control of his life.

"He's out of control right now. He's hurt," Jack said. "He's hitting rock bottom with this."

"If something happens to Bobbi Kristina… if she doesn't pull through then I will fear for my son's life.”

Following the interview with Dr. Phil, Nick was reportedly taken to rehab to seek treatment for his issues.

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