Nick Jonas: Objectification is not cool

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15 February 2015

Nick Jonas has joked about being a "victim" of objectification.

The singer bulked up considerably for his role as a martial arts fighter on TV show Kingdom and isn't afraid to put his muscles on display.

Last year the 22-year-old impressed fans in a risqué photo shoot for Flaunt magazine, which showed him topless and grabbing his crotch.

'I was recently the victim of objectification'

Since then, his body has been a hot topic of conversation. Now Nick has jokingly condemned the chatter in a humorous video for British radio station Capital FM, where he launches tongue-in-cheek campaign Men Against Objectification.

"I was recently the victim of objectification," he deadpans in the clip.

"It can happen anywhere; in the office... it can happen in the home... even in the street... If you've been a victim, speak up now. And remember: objectification - it's not OK."

Exciting news came in for Nick yesterday; the star is set to host the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. The announcement was made via his Instagram, in a video that showed him looking cool dressed all in black, as the iconic green slime used by Nickelodeon flies at him from the side. Before it makes contact, the scene changes to Nick casually saying: "I'm hosting the Kids' Choice Awards." The singer-and-actor had been teasing fans beforehand by tweeting cryptic messages in which he referenced past hosts. "What do me and @CameronDiaz have in common... ?" he asked his followers.

"What do me and Will Smith have in common?
"Have any ideas what me and the last couple people I mentioned have in common? How bout Jack Black and I? (sic)"

The awards will take place on Saturday March 28.

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