Nick Jonas: Rihanna cover made my day!

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11 April 2015

Nick Jonas made his friends watch the video of Rihanna singing Jealous on repeat.

The 22-year-old left the band he started with his siblings Kevin and Joe, Jonas Brothers, to branch out into a solo career.

He's had great success with the second single from his self-titled-album, Jealous, and realised how big it had become when Barbadian star Rihanna covered the track.

'It's so great, I love it'

"I was in the car and it was the perfect time to have seen the video," he recalled to BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw.

"I was out with my buddies about to go have a drink and saw, 'Oh, what's this video?' and it's Rihanna, singing my song. I showed my buddies 100 times: 'Have you seen this video of Rihanna...?' It's so great, I love it."

Despite all this praise, Nick had "no expectations" of the song and is just grateful for all his fans. He might be dumbfounded by the success, but his dad has an explanation as to why Jealous went down so well with everyone.

"It's weirdly a personal song, although it's a pop song and sort of feels like you can sing along, but by being personal it became universal," Nick explained.

"My dad said something wise: Things that are real to us as individuals are real to the masses."

There were no hard feelings when the Jonas Brothers broke up and Nick is as close as ever to his siblings. Just last week Joe, 25, took to Instagram to post a picture of Nick's face superimposed on a bunny rabbit, titling it simply "Happy Easter".

"He's so good on Instagram, it's amazing," Nick marvelled.

"It's impressive; the stuff he finds and captions he comes up with - it's mind blowing. The stuff he doesn't post is even funnier; it's too far."

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