Nick Jonas: Still single!

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24 October 2015

Singer-and-actor Nick Jonas is still adjusting to being single, as he continues to shrug off rumours about his current love life.

The 23-year-old star has carved out a successful solo career since his band Jonas Brothers, which he formed alongside siblings Kevin and Joe, split in 2013. Along with releasing popular tracks including Jealous and Levels Nick has dipped his toe back into acting, and his jam-packed schedule is enough to distract him from his relationship with Olivia Culpo ending in June.

'My life dramatically changed'

"It's busy, I'm shooting Kingdom - it's the second season of that show, I play a fighter - and then Scream Queens, this show, where I play a golf fraternity college kid - he looks a little confused there," Nick grinned to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in reference to a photo of his character lying in bed. "It's great, working with Ryan Murphy on that show and my castmates on Kingdom, and getting to tour and do all the music stuff, it's been a really amazing year.

"It's an adjustment (being single). I was with my ex now for two years, and then when my life dramatically changed. I started touring and doing all these projects. It was an adjustment, kind of doing it alone."

Ellen, known for her outspoken nature, was quick to address this comment, pointing out that Nick doesn't appear to be alone. When quizzed on what she meant, the blonde star explained how there's a particular person who always ends up being in the same city as him "coincidentally". There was no doubt Ellen was referring to Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, 36, who has been snapped out with Nick on many occasions over the last month. Nick kept his lips sealed on the topic though, as did Kate when grilled about their relationship on Tuesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Luckily the topic changed when Ellen asked him how his living situation is going. Nick has set up residence at one of her properties, although he often fears things might go wrong.

"Everyone who comes over to my house uses a coaster so there's no rings on the tables, which is good," he smiled. "I'm so nervous though the whole time I'm there because I know that I'm gonna come on the show and see you and you're gonna check in."

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