Nicki fell in love with Meek Mill while he was in jail

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23 September 2015

Nicki Minaj didn’t even think about romance with Meek Mill until he went to jail.

The 32-year-old singer had long been friends with 28-year-old rapper Meek. But while the pair’s relationship was strong on a platonic level, it was only when Meek was incarcerated from July to December 2014 that she realised her true feelings for the musician.

"In terms of taking him seriously and going to another level with him: when he went to jail I was left in a house by myself and it was just a tough time for me and it happened to be a tough time for him as well,” Nicki told GQ magazine in a joint interview with Meek. "So at that time I was available. So I reached out to him letting him know…, It's so funny that the day he went to jail, he was on my mind the day before."

'So I reached out to him letting him know'

So during the time Meek was in prison, which stemmed from a probation violation, Nicki “reached out” to him and started to see that her relationship with him was more than just friendship.

It was during a phone call with Meek as he was behind bars that the penny dropped for Nicki.

"He was on my [mind] the day before because I saw him going off on twitter, and I was like, 'Oh man, he needs somebody to like make him feel good right now,"" Nicki said. "So when I heard he went to jail I was really disappointed, I reached out to his people like, 'Yo, let him know I'm praying for him to come home.' And they told him, and he asked them to call me for him. And it was like, I remember sitting on my balcony at my house and just being on the phone with him until it started getting dark outside. And I was just like, 'Yo, I'm in trouble.'

"I just knew that first day, it was that long conversation. I was like uh-oh."

Since then, the pair’s romance has been going from strength to strength. Meek is a firm addition to Nicki’s arm when she makes her various red carpet appearances, and the couple firmly support each other’s careers.

But when it comes to their romance, there is one thing Nicki likes doing with Meek more than anything else.

"Actually I love kissing him,” she said. “That's my favourite thing about Meek is to kiss him, which is weird. I love kissing him. I love the way his lips feel."

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