Nicole Masureik: using technology to teach

By admin
19 March 2013

Nicole Masureik is the head of life sciences and the IT education manager at Pinelands High School.

1. Which social media networks do you use to teach?

We use Google Docs, screen-casting (videos saved on the school’s YouTube channel), Facebook, Twitter and Edmodo – to communicate after school hours, to make resources available from home, to write online assessments and to engage in collaboration or extra help.

2. Can you tell us more about your use of Edmodo? How has it changed your teaching? What are its advantages and disadvantages? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Edmodo! All kids sign up to their subject teacher’s class. We share folders of resources – links to websites, documents or files, etc. We also set online assessments. It also allows parents to monitor their kid’s work and allows children to ask questions outside of school hours and get help. 3. Some teachers say their schools refuse to implement social networks to share homework, etc because learners don’t learn responsibility when the information is always available. What do you think of this sentiment? Yes, there’s truth to that, but my experience has shown the opposite. Kids are more likely to do their homework if they know they have no excuse because it’s online. They’re more likely to engage when the work requires them to use a computer. Now, they hassle me to put the work up there for them because they’ve seen how it benefits their learning at home.

4. Any tips for teachers who work in an environment where technology resources are scarce?

Get a smartphone and allow your kids to use their smartphones in class. You don’t need computers or laptops or iPads or tablets. What you need is access to the web. Alternatively, encourage kids to make use of their computers at home to watch a video of the lesson (Khan Academy has loads, but YouTubeEdu is also great, and there are hordes of other educational video sites out there – or if you’re brave, make your own of you teaching using a webcam!). Then do the consolidation or stuff you would normally set as homework in class.

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