Nifty new app for little ones will teach them more about seasons

By admin
04 February 2014

Prepare your young children for Grade R or Grade 1 with Cleverkiddo’s first app, Seasons. PLUS: Stand a chance to win your own copy!

Prepare your young children for Grade R or Grade 1 with Cleverkiddo’s first app, Seasons.

Seasons is a 4-in-1 app for iPhone and iPad. The activities in the app are designed to teach preschool children in a fun way about numbers, shapes and building jigsaw puzzles. Fun rewards and cute graphics motivate children to complete activities while a narrator leads the younger child through the app.

Each season contains four activities which differ according to the season they’re in.

One of the activities is a 20-piece jigsaw puzzle with a scene from each season. Three puzzle pieces appear randomly at the right side of the screen while an outline of the picture is shown on the left side of the screen. The child has to move the puzzle pieces from the right side to their correct positions. As soon as the puzzle is complete an animation that matches each season is activated.

“Because children aren’t afraid of technology they learn by testing things and discovering them,” says Carien van Zyl of Cleverkids.

Seasons teaches children certain concepts by repetition. It also promotes fine motor development by means of objects that must be moved to the correct positions,” she says.

Grad R teachers can easily use this app in the class without giving instructions throughout. “One of the aims of the app is to teach children about shapes and numbers without them necessarily having all the knowledge.”

The subjects for the apps designed by Cleverkiddo are chosen from the  subjects in the Grade R syllabus. The following one now being created is Animals.

Ten lucky readers will each win a copy of Seasons. Send an email with your name and contact details to with “Teachers for Change giveaway” in the subject line. Mention if you want to receive the English or Afrikaans version of Seasons.

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