Nikki and Ian ‘nix business with pleasure’

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24 January 2015

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are reportedly “separating business and pleasure”.

The actors have been dating for about six months now and it’s rumoured they recently became engaged.

Ian is directing the forthcoming season finale episode of his show The Vampire Diaries soon and although there’s been chatter about his love Nikki making an appearance, apparently the talk is inaccurate.

'One thing that has never been discussed has been having Nikki on set'

“One thing that has never been discussed has been having Nikki on set,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“It’s not going to happen, they are separating business and pleasure.”

Ian still stars on the show with his ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev, who he dated for two years before they parted ways in 2013.

It’s probable he’ll be directing steamy love scenes between his and Nina’s characters for the episode.

And Nikki supposedly doesn’t want to be there while her beau is filming because she fears her presence would be a disruption.

“Nikki knows this is very important to him and she doesn’t want to be a distraction, so she will not be on set while he directs his episode,” the insider said.

However, Ian has spoken of his and Nikki’s plans to collaborate together in the future.

"Nikki and I are starting a production company and we're going to be able to tell even more stories that we really want to tell, everything from documentaries to TV shows to movies...all kinds of stuff," Ian told E! previously. “Having the success of a television show like The Vampire Diaries really allows you to be I get to start spreading my creative wings as well."

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