Nikki Whitfield on where she's been and why it's good to be back

By Lindsay de Freitas
23 March 2016

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I resigned from YOU after 15 years to see what the world had to offer beyond the Seventh Floor. And you know the saying the grass isn’t always greener on the other side? Well, it’s true.

It’s not that I had a terrible time – not at all; some of the projects I was involved in were a load of fun. iMagazine, the publication I left YOU for, was great: fun staff, drinking holes around every corner, the novelty of being on a title that didn’t actually sit on the shelf (it was City Press’ glossy insert). Which meant if you made a stuff up on the cover it didn’t hit you in the face every time you popped into Woolies.

Only problem? It was closed down. Three months after I started. And the day before we were supposed to go on a team-building cruise for three days. Such is life.

After some freelance work I was recruited to join the team that started Mine magazine, the English sister of Kuier. It was fun too and the staff were fab. Only problem? It was closed down. Three months after I started.

So I decided to try my hand at digital and joined the MyEdit team. Only problem? See above – although this time it was six months later.

I was then seconded to Grazia in Joburg where I stood in for the editor while she was on maternity leave. Only problem? She resigned. So I stayed on a bit longer.

Then, just when I was wondering what would happen next, I got a phone call. Linda was retiring. Charlene was taking her place. Would I be interested in coming back as deputy?

Interested? Hell, I was thrilled! Even if it meant no Linda.

So here I am, back home. And here are some of the things I missed most:

1. The people. There’s nothing like coming to the office and seeing your friends every day.

2. Working for a magazine that’s still in a position to spend on quality content.

3. The harbour view (although that may not last long).

4. Vuil Kafee’s banana muffins.

5. The mirror in the bathroom that makes you look thin.

The grass is green here, people. Trust me.

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