No, Miley, no

By admin
10 September 2013

Our celeb junkie blogger asks how much further can Miley go after watching her swing naked in her latest music video?

So now she’s swinging butt naked from a big wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer in her video for her new song Wrecking Ball . . . how much further can Miley Cyrus go? Short of actually going all the way we’ve now seen it all from her!

The thing is, baby girl, we get it: the old squeaky-clean Miley of Hannah Montana fame is dead and buried. So you really don’t have to keep reminding us with increasingly cringe-worthy videos and songs that you’re now oh-so grownup and edgy. But while your twin aims are clearly to break chart records and raise eyebrows (she said for her VMA performance she wanted to “make history”), are you not a tad concerned of the fallout that’s affecting the rest of your life? Your love-life is, dare we say it, wrecked. Thanks to that MTV VMA performance your on/off fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, is said to be running for the hills. And who can really blame him when most of the world has seen his girlfriend’s lascivious tongue, not to mention other body parts, up close and personal?

US Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, the scary and undisputed doyenne of the fashion world, was said to be so disgusted by the performance she immediately canned your upcoming Vogue cover. Now if you’re anywhere near a fashion icon, that has to be a blow. Cracking a Vogue cover is harder than getting notoriously frosty Anna to smile (something toddler Harper Beckham managed to get right recently).

So yes, there is a price to pay for what you’re doing, Miley, even though you may not see it now.

Watch the video for her song Wrecking Ball here

 -   Nici de Wet

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