No more deals! Groupon SA shuts down

By admin
04 November 2016

The popular deals website has canned its operations in SA.

Last month, Groupon announced that in an attempt to create a more “streamlined country footprint”, it was reassessing various divisions of their sites -- and it seems the South African version was on the axe list.

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The company, which has been around in SA since 2010, announced on their site that from Friday 4 November they had "wound down operations in South Africa" and " unable to offer you any deals today."

They added that all vouchers bought would remain valid until the date stated on the voucher, but also offered a cash refund to any customers "who are uncomfortable with using their voucher".

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They advised customers to get in touch on 021 201 7100 or email at before 30 November.

Last month, My Broadband reported that the specials conglomerate was scaling back its international operations.

“The Company has identified its go-forward country footprint to consist of 15 countries, down from 27 in the portfolio as of the second quarter 2016,” they said on a statement.

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