No one showed up to this 5-year-old's birthday party - until her BFF saved the day

By Luthando Rani
10 December 2016

Everyone deserves a Bryce in their life.

We all know of the saying' 'I'd rather have one real friend than have many fake friends' - or something to that effect. Unfortunately, little Brooke Schermann had to learn that too early.

The little girl was disappointed on her 5th birthday party when no one from her class showed up to celebrate with her.

"Brooke invited her whole class and not one showed up," tweeted her older sister Brianna.

But luckily, what would have turned out to be a heartbreaking day for the 5-year-old was salvaged by her best friend, Bryce. "When her bff Bryce came her attitude went from sad to happy?Thank god for bestfriends!" The heartwarming images of Brooke and Bryce going ahead with the party festivities are enough to make anyone believe that best friends are truly forever and save the day at your almost-disaster 5th birthday party.

She ended up having a happy and fun-filled birthday party with her BFF, Bryce.

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