No ways! Man wins lottery three times in three weeks

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30 April 2014

Christopher Kaelin, from Chicago, has proved luck is on his side after he won the lottery three times in as many weeks, totalling to a staggering $276,000.

A man has won the lottery three times in three weeks.

Christopher Kaelin, from Chicago, is over the moon after he scored a hat-trick on the same lotto game and bagged himself an impressive total of $276,000 (nearly R3 million).

After his third win, Mr Kaelin, who occasionally plays the game, initially thought he had won $25,000, but had mistook the ticket and had, in fact, actually won $250,000.

However, the lucky gentleman admits, although the money is life-changing, it wasn't a big enough sum to be hit with numerous tax charges.

He is quoted by the Huffington Post newspaper as saying: "[The prize] is big enough to where it's obviously life-changing, but not so big that it'll be a problem."

Mr Kaelin is determined to invest his money wisely and use the cash to pay off his student loans, buy a house, pay for his wedding, and save for his daughter's education.

- Bang Showbiz

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