Nobody can agree on how many girls there are in this viral photo

By Samantha Luiz
18 March 2016

This is the latest optical illusion that's "breaking the internet".

Same but different | My entry #whpidentity for @instagram [thank you #instagram for this featuring ]

A photo posted by tiziana vergari iPhoneography (@tizzia) on

The internet is divided over the number of girls in this Instagram post shared by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari.

"Same but different," reads the title of the image shared on the photographer's page.

The baffling image has also been featured on Instagram's official page where it has been liked more than 900 000 times.

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"There are 4 girls. two girls are left handed and were not wearing bracelets while the other two girls were right handed and wearing bracelets in their right hand," commented one Instagram user.

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Easy enough, right?

Not quite. The photographer only has two daughters...

As you can imagine, some creative theories have emerged from people all over the world.

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"Two girls," suggested another user. "The rest is the effect produced by the reflection of the mirror."

Agreeing with 'two girls' theory, another user known as Srishti delved a lot deeper.

"The 3rd girl doesn't reflect herself so, it's definitely not 3!! The fourth girl doesn't seem to sit close to the wall but the reflection is..So, they're definitely two!"

So how many girls are there in this photo?

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