North West throws an EPIC tantrum at Kanye's fashion show

By Kirstin Buick
13 February 2015

She may have been a reality superstar and rap royalty before she was even born, but little North West is just a baby. And sometimes, babies throw tantrums.

Albeit not always at their Daddy's super-important fashion show, but well...

The 20-month-old was happily perched on mom Kim K's knee when she seemed to suddenly decide she was over it, and let people know with an outburst of note.

Luckily for Kim, they weren't sitting next to anyone important -- only Anna Wintour and Beyonce. The Vogue editor, according to US Weekly, "kept a hilariously straight poker face, hiding her eyes behind her trademark shades and seeming to stiffly move her body carefully away from the tantruming toddler". We hope her tot's behaviour doesn't mean Kim will be barred from the pages of the classy mag (again)...

Sources: Us Weekly, New York Daily News

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