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28 January 2011

He's sitting surrounded by his good-looking children and wife, exuding energy and an appetite for life. Rob Louw (55), the popular Springbok rugby flank of the ’80s, miraculously survived his cancer ordeal – and the fact that yet another small tumour was recently removed from his small intestine hasn’t set him back.

He’s back on his mountain bike and goes surfing so often his kids Roxy (23), Misty (21), Shahnee(20) and Robbie (18) – who two months before Christmas feared losing their father – can barely keep up.

The festive season break wasn’t entirely carefree though. With Rob’s regular three-monthly scan a growth was found in his small intestine and he was back in the operating theatre in hours.

But never-say-die Rob is ever-positive and says there was good news with the bad.

“While they had me opened up the doctor biopsied every part of my body and a pathologist did tests on the spot. The cancer in my intestine they had to remove hadn’t spread!”

“Thank heavens!” his wife, Azille, exclaims. ”We all had such a fantastic Christmas together in Stilbaai. It was wonderful.”

Azille smiles easily nowadays – a far cry from a year ago when she bravely kept things together for her family’s sake but the stress and worry showed in her face.

“We had our 30th wedding anniversary in November. I couldn’t imagine life without him,” she says.

Read more about Rob's remarkable recovery in YOU, 3 February 2011.

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