Now you can wander around in Middle Earth with Gandalf and the hobbits

By admin
25 November 2013

You can wander around in Middle Earth thanks to a new app experiment by Google Chrome that makes use of the technology behind Google Earth.

You read the books long before they were made into movies – Legolas, Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins wandered around in Hobbitton and Rivendell and your own imagination coloured in the details of this fantasy world.

Now there’s an app that makes Middle Earth more realistic. This Chrome app, which you can download onto your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, uses the technology behind Google Earth to take you on a tour of this fantasy world.

The app was developed to market the latest Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, which will be screened from 13 December in theatres countrywide.

Although the project is still in the making, you can already try to avoid trolls, wander through Rivendell and discover spooky Dol Guldur. CLICK HERE to wander through Middle Earth.

The scenes may look more like those of a computer game than those in the movie but the developers purposely used low-resolution textures and pictures so the app uses as little data as possible, which enables it to download quickly.

Check out this teaser:

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