Nutella, Nike, Huawei: brand names you've probably been mispronouncing all this time

By Samantha Luiz
02 May 2016

Is it nuh- tell - uh? Or new- tell - uh?

Remember that time Maps Maponyane was lambasted on Twitter after schooling everyone on how to pronounce certain words? In case you missed all the hype, it all started when someone who goes by the username @Cde_Chef tweeted, "Your WCW pronounces the T in Moet." As you can imagine, the tweet went viral, turning what started off as banter into a trending debate about how to pronounce the brand name.

Adding fuel to the fire, Maps started pointing out other commonly mispronounced brand names.
Needless to say, that didn't go down too well.

However you feel about the model and TV personality, he was on to something.

In fact, UK brand Made By Oomph! came up with a fascinating infographic listing the 30 brand names that are commonly mispronounced and how to pronounce them properly.

We selected the names that are more familiar to South Africans and we're curious: have you been pronouncing these brand names incorrectly all these years??

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1. Nutella

Common pronunciation: nuh-tell-uh

Actual pronunciation: new-tell-uh

2. Nike

Common pronunciation: nyke

Actual pronunciation: ni-key

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3. Volkswagen

Common pronunciation: volks wag-en

Actual pronunciation: vo-ks-var-gun

4. Hyundai

Common pronunciation: hi-un-dye

Actual pronunciation: hun-day

5. Adidas

Common pronunciation: AH-dee-das

Actual pronunciation: ah-DEE-das

6. Huawei

Common pronunciation: hugh-ah-way

Actual pronunciation: wah-way

7. Porsche

Common pronunciation: Porsh

Actual pronunciation: por-sha

8. Balmain

Common pronunciation: bal-main

Actual pronunciation: bal-mah

9. Renault

Common pronunciation: ren-olt

Actual pronunciation: ren-oh

10. Chevrolet

Common pronunciation: shev-ro-let

Actual pronunciation: shev-rol-lay


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