Nuts could up sperm count

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15 August 2014

Just seven almonds could improve the quality of sperm - at least that's what doctors in Italy are arguing.

Researchers at the Azienda Ospedaliera Citta' Della Salute E Della Scienza Di Torino in Turin are throwing themselves into a study of 100 men, which aims to prove that a handful of just seven nuts could have a significant positive impact on male fertility.

And it's not just almonds - walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts are also believed to be beneficial.

In 2012 similar research was carried out in California, where men who consumed 75g of walnuts a day boasted better vitality, motility and morphology. It's believed the polyunsaturated fatty acids in nuts are what boost fertility in men with a western diet.

Almonds and walnuts boast amino acid arginine, which has been shown to increase sperm production. Peanuts are high in zinc, which can increase sperm count and motility.

Low sperm count and abnormal sperm are on the rise, believed to be down to factors such as diet, lifestyle and chemicals in the environment.

Luckily, it is very easy to incorporate nuts into the diet. They're great at providing energy and protein and can be consumed as a snack between meals.

Particularly almonds can be added to all kinds of foods. Sprinkle on oatmeal for a way to liven up porridge in the mornings for example. Alternatively, almond milk can be substituted for cow's milk in cereal and coffee or chopped almonds can be used in anything from an omelette to a chicken salad.

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