Obsession of the week: Taylor Swift

By admin
06 February 2014

She’s the reigning queen of pop who’s snagged many a hunk and looks like a supermodel! Here’s why we still love Taylor Swift.

- Taylor is truly a global sensation. At 23 she’s sold 26 million albums, had 75 million songs downloaded and her latest album, Red, reached No 1 in 50 countries!

- She knows a thing or two about money: her father was a financial advisor and her mom was a mutual fund marketing exec.

- Her fans are as nice as she is. “Sometimes fan groups have a reputation for being bullies or aggressive or kind of rude to other artists. But I just feel so proud (of my fans). They don't really say hateful things or say they're going to set people on fire or anything, which is something I'm really proud of.”

- Her humility at award shows has resulted in the “Taylor Swift Surprised Face” – a reference to her astonishment when her name is called.

- She can play the guitar, banjo, ukulele and piano.

- The star is a total homebody. Even when she's touring she tries to sleep in her own bed, picking whichever of her three homes is closest and flying there in her private jet.

Follow her on Twitter: @taylorswift13 and on Instagram: taylorswift

Web reference

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By Faiza Mallick

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