Older dads = brighter kids

06 July 2017

Having children in your 40s can make your kids brainier.

Good news for older fathers - having children in your 40s can make your kids brainier.

People are choosing to start a family later in life for many reasons, from career choices to just not finding the one, but new research suggests this could be beneficial for children of more mature men.

It’s a common trend in the showbiz world, with the likes of 56-year-old George Clooney and JAY-Z, 47, recently welcoming new additions to their families, and now it’s been found that older dads, defined by researchers at King's College London as over 40, have a higher chance of producing offspring who are brighter, more focused and less worried about fitting in.

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The team came to their conclusions after analysing data from a study that tracked the development of 15,000 twins.

A Geek Index was created, with researchers measuring the twins’ geekiness when they were 12 years old. Those who had geek traits went on to do the best in school.

Researchers speculated that geekiness is inherited and that fathers who have delayed starting a family may have been more focused on education and career, and they’re also more likely to have a stable home which encourages geeky traits.

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However, in a separate study it’s been found that, much like for women, it gets harder for men to conceive as they get older.

Researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston found that men in their 40s have a lower birth rate than those a decade younger, with guys aged 40 to 42 having an average birth rate of 46 per cent. Men aged 30 to 35 had a 73 percent birth rate.

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