On the rocks! Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams separate

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26 January 2015

Mandy Moore has filed for divorce from fellow musician Ryan Adams.

The singer has been married to the New York, New York artist for five years. But just months after she provided backing vocals for his latest album she has reportedly decided to end their union, citing irreconcilable differences.

'I just don’t share at all about my personal life'

The couple married in March 2009 after becoming engaged a month earlier.

Since then the 30-year-old collaborated a number of times with her spouse, with their first duet, Empty Rooms being recorded in 2011. It was rumoured recently that the 40-year-old was helping his wife produce a follow up to her last record, 2009’s Amanda Leigh.

While the couple have no children together, reports started to circulate that all was not well in the marriage at the end of last year, after Ryan shocked hosts of an Australian radio show when he ended an interview over questions about his relationship.

Asked to discuss Mandy, he said, “I just don’t share at all about my personal life.”

When the interviewer refused to drop the subject, Adams hung up.

“The deal is this,” he later explained. “I’m a private person and I’ll be a gentleman and say I’m not talking about my marriage ever. I’ll never talk about it. Ever.”

While Ryan was always reluctant to speak about their life together, Mandy did offer more of an insight. She revealed in August last year that the pair found it hard to get close to one another because of their pets.

“There's no way to have a connection with my husband because there are always animals in between [us]!" she laughed to US Weekly.

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