One-way ticket to Mars

By admin
08 February 2013

No, it’s not science fiction. In 2023 a settlement is being planned for the Red Planet

Wanted: men and women over 18 with a passion for travel and astral adventure. What for? A reality series in which you’ll be a tour guide for the entire globe. Your destination? A location just 75 million km away – the planet of Mars.

But there’s a catch: you get only a one-way ticket. Once you’ve arrived there you won’t be coming back. And this isn’t just playing to the TV cameras – it’s for real!

Mars One, an organisation with Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp at the helm, has made headlines with its plans to establish a settlement on Mars in 2023 – seven years before the American space agency Nasa is due to head there.

The venture will cost close to R54 billion and that capital, organisers say, will have to come from investors and the sale of broadcasting rights. Those of us left behind on Earth will then be able to follow the astronauts’ daily exploits in a reality series.

“We’ll finance this mission by creating the biggest media event ever around it,” Bas says. “Everybody in the world will be able to see everything that happens during the preparations and on Mars.”

Read more of Christiaan Boonzaaier’s article in YOU 14 February 2013.

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