One week to Baby No 2

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11 July 2013

Morgan Deane Smith is on bed rest with just days to go before Baby No 2’s arrival. Now she needs to relax and stop consulting Dr Google.

So there’s one week left in what has felt like forever. Well, I suppose it has been almost two years, with a little break of 10 weeks in between pregnancies. I have a bottle of champagne on ice and you may send in the marching band whenever they’re ready! A little early? Okay!

For now I’m officially bed bound. My gynae Paula is on a week-long holiday so I’m desperately hoping I don’t go into early labour while she is away, given that my cervix began to thin last week. I’m quite anxious. I really need to hang on until Paula gets back on Monday. I have a stand-in gynae who is perfectly wonderful but I’d rather wait. Paula did my first C-section so it’s a case of the old saying, ‘‘if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it’’.

I’ve been quite uncomfortable all of a sudden this week. It felt like almost overnight that my body went from ‘‘don’t worry I’ve got this pregnancy thing all under control’’ to ‘‘jeez, okay, enough is enough, Morgs, give us a break here’’. So lots of cramping and strain on my C-section scar. Sleep has also become a nightmare because my stomach has become quite tender. Every time I toss and turn I wake myself up. All in all, I’m fairly sore and tired now!

I’m not afraid of having another C-section so soon after my first one. However, I have been afraid my uterus might burst with the weight of the baby because it’s not had that long to heal and I have been having some piercing pains.

I have a habit of self-diagnosing while entering symptoms on Google. My husband is constantly telling me to stop and I wish I would because I’ve been on the internet reading every horror story associated with having two C-sections within 11 months. The past month my fear has been that I will rupture my uterus! O. M. G. Why doesn’t anyone write about their good experiences on these internet threads so you could come away feeling reassured and at ease. It’s always only the negative experiences that come up. And I log off the computer with the shakes and heart palpations.

About six months ago I asked Dr Google why I had pains in my side while pregnant. I put in a couple of symptoms and Dr Google told me I had appendicitis. The panic! I told Graeme I had to get to the hospital immediately before my appendix burst . . . major problem! . . . a bit overly dramatic, yes, because Dr Google was all sorts of wrong. Turns out the ligaments in my stomach were just stretching from the pregnancy -- a minor problem!It’s hard being pregnant when you have another baby so young (she’s almost a year old). Cadence constantly wants to be picked up and this past week I simply can’t keep bending down. I feel guilty so that’s why having my parents here at the moment from Ireland is a blessing. Graeme also just started rehab on his ankle this week so he’s going to be mobile again pretty soon which is perfect timing for when the new baby arrives.

Looking back it was a long pregnancy but it was not really a difficult one. I’ve picked up 16 kg but at least that’s 4 kg less than with Cadence. I have a lot of hard work in the gym ahead of me. The amount of chocolate I’ve been eating is enough to make Willy Wonka gasp but I’m ready for the turnaround. I can’t wait to run again, I love to run.

I’m on single figures now with days left so here’s hoping legs up and rest will carry me through to the end. We are very excited!

 - Morgan Deane Smith

* Morgan Deane Smith is the wife of cricket star Graeme Smith

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