Online mystery: The deadly honeytrap

By admin
18 May 2012

John Naisby (83) left his wife for a woman he met online. Now he has vanished – along with his money – and his frantic family fears the worst.

Finnie (76) had no reason to suspect her husband John was about to leave her for another woman – or that he’d soon disappear without a trace and might even turn up dead.

The trouble really began when John bought a computer so he could do his banking online. He also created a Facebook profile and started visiting a website for people looking to meet others socially.

“He’d printed out some of the information, which Aunt Finnie came across. But he said it was just an innocent hobby,” says his nephew, Martin.

Read Danél Blaauw's article on the disappearance of John Naisby, last seen in the company of Zaheera Wookey, in YOU 24 May 2012.

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