Online stores every mom needs to know about

27 January 2015

No longer do moms have to scramble around for grocery list items or school necessities.

If there’s one thing that has become easier in the information age, it’s shopping. As a busy mom, you should know just where to log in to get everything your household needs without having to leave your office or home. Here are our top picks to make your life with kids easier.

Baby paraphernalia like toys, bottles and more: “I buy my child’s nappies and wipes here, and if he needs any other baby things, like a toy or feeding equipment, it’s all there too,” says Nicky Smith, mother of an 11 month old. “I’ve subscribed to their daily deals too so I know when the things I need are on special.”

Groceries: Pick n Pay online and Woolworths online. Both of these offer everything you need in the kitchen, including baby food. Moms who use it warn that it’s very handy but it will force you to plan ahead, so it’s not a last minute solution – you have to put in an order at least 24 hours before you need it delivered.

Sports, home goods and clothes: Mr Price online. Everything that you might find in the stores, and it’s not just new outfits. Mr Price sport can deliver too, so those shin pads your child needs for his next hockey or cricket match could arrive at your door if you need it to. “My boy doesn’t always fit in his size, so it’s best I take him in to the shop to fit,” says Edwina Fielies, a Cape Town mom. “But the nice thing is that even if we prefer going into the shops, it saves a lot of time to scroll through what they have online before you go.” She says it also helps when you need to get a gift for a birthday party and don’t have time to go to the shops.

Clothes: Spree, Mr Price and Woolworths. These online shops offer all you need in baby and children’s clothes. And best of all, you can shop for yourself there too.

Nice to know: LoveBaby is an online boutique store for babies and toddlers and they stock outfits from designers like Sam n Seb, Sticky Fudge and Pitta Patta, to name a few. stocks everything from furniture to nappy bags, baby monitors and more. has baby and toddler clothes from big brands at lower prices.

- Dalena Theron

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